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Renter's Insurance

Did you know your landlord's insurance may not cover what's inside your home? Renters insurance does.


You expect your family's cherished possessions to be there when you come home.  But what if the unexpected happens like a fire or break-in?  With Nationwide renters insurance, you can lock the door to your home and walk away feeling protected.


Affordable coverage that offers a sense of relief


With Nationwide renters insurance, you and your personal property are protected from events such as:


- Fire and Lightning

- Vandalism

- Falling Objects

- Hail and Windstorm

- Theft at residence

- Smoke

- Accidental electrical damage to appliances


We can tailor coverage to fit your needs!


Renters Insurance can replace your TV or computer in the event of a fire or break-in.  Add Brand New Belongings and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items in your home with brand-new versions.  But what if you're unable to stay in your home because of a covered event?  Loss-of-use coverage can help you pay for a place to sleep, food for your family or other living expenses.


Coverage can also be extended to cover:

- Jewelry, watches and furs

- Money, coins and gold

- Silverware, goldware and pewterware

- Important papers

- Firearms


In addition, renters insurance can help protect you if someone is injured in your home or if the property of others is damaged.