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Flood Insurance

Best time to think about a Flood is before it happens.


Be prepared with Flood Insurance


Everyone lives in a flood zone - a flood can happen any season, anywhere.  If a flood happens to you, the fastest and most economical way to recover is with a flood insurance policy.


More than 20,000 communities have joined the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Nearly everyone in those communities - homeowners, condo owners, renters, mobile home owners, business etc. can buy a flood policy.  This is good news considering floods are the most common natural disaster.


Flood insurance covers your structure and particular content items (if elected), but does not have additional coverages for things such as living expenses, business interruption, decks, fences, etc.  Please check with your Nationwide agent to learn more about your coverage.




- Flood insurance is not covered by your homeowners, business or other property policies.

- There is a 30-day waiting period for a flood policy to take effect.

- 25% of all claims occur in low-moderate risk flood areas.

- Everyone lives in a flood zone.

- In the U.S., flooding is the #1 natural disaster.

- Over a 30 year mortgage, there is a 26% chance of flooding vs. a 9% chance of fire in high risk zones.

- Federal Disaster Assistance - if it’s available - is usually a loan you must repay with interest.


Nationwide Flood Insurance limits based on the NFIP rules:

Residential: $250,000* for building; $100,000 for contents.

Commercial: $500,000* for building; $500,000 for contents.

*Excess flood coverage may be available for structures valued above the NFIP limits to ensure full coverage.